Saturday, April 16, 2011

Regarding comments about too late for new bills

Yes, I do realize the time has passed to file new bills.  However, irritating lawmakers is exactly what needs to be done.  I also believe there could be a special session.  The Constitution Carry For Texas issue could possibly be added to the agenda then.  So keep those emails, faxes, phone calls and letters going to them.  Remind them that this is a vital issue for us as law abiding Texans and a right we want to reclaim.


  1. Why would we want to irritate someone who we want to do something for us, that sort of logic seems counterproductive. I personally doubt that there will be a special session called for, or include, constitutional carry. Rather than irritate folks who we want as friends let's educate them and get ready for the next session.

  2. G. A. Heath, thanks for commenting and using, what appears to be, a real handle. Education is actually part of the plan. What happens when you write a representative or senator? They are educated with one's views on why we should have Constitutional Carry. Join the cause to educate these folks who work for us for our benefit. 2013 is a long way away and an overwhelming ground swell needs to happen by then. Don't forget about redistricting. That's always a tough row to hoe and sometimes a special session is needed. By the way, you are welcome to write here too if you'll mention your email, I'll write you a personal email.


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