Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Letter to Senator Patrick and Representative Murphy

On March 5, 2011 I sent this email to my state Senator Dan Patrick and my state Representative Jim Murphy:
Dear Senator Patrick and Representative Murphy,

I am writing to you today to encourage both of you to bring forth legislation to allow law abiding Texans, who otherwise legally qualify for the right to own a handgun, to carry a weapon without a permit.  Wyoming's governor just signed into law the right for Wyoming's citizens to do just that making it the fourth state to do so, behind Vermont, Alaska and Arizona.  Legislatures in Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Utah and Idaho are seeking to do this also and so should Texas.

I believe the time is right for this as the economic picture is not encouraging.  Soon law enforcement entities will be very much more under staffed and over worked.  These entities have always been one of reaction rather than preventative.  The bad guys have weapons, illegally, whereas citizens are required to follow certain rules or become criminals themselves.  The time is now for this change.  If a constitutional amendment is required, then please get this item on the ballot for this November!

I have included a newspaper article from the Washington Examiner below detailing the recent legislative change in Wyoming. 

Thank you for your consideration.
(note: the Examiner has removed the article from their archive so the link above no longer works.  I found this link though that does have an article

What is needed is more of you to call, write, email and fax your Texas State Representative, Senator, Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst regarding the need for Constitutional Carry in Texas.  The links for their contact information are to the upper right of this post.

Also, a daily blog I read, Rural Revolution written by an Idaho farm wife, posted a link to this blog today.  Check it out!  Notice in the blog roll list to the right I have the Rural Revolution Blog listed also.  I find her charming and down to earth in her assessments.  I hope you will too!


  1. You do realize, I'm sure, that Friday, March 11, was the deadline for filing a bill during this Texas legislative session. Writing state lawmakers urging them to do something that they cannot until 2013 is simply going to be an irritant to them. The time to plan and gear-up with requests for a new bill will be summer/fall 2012. There's nothing any Texas legislator can do about it for almost two years.

  2. The deadline for filing bills in this session was March 11, 2011, so it's too late to get a bill going for this session.


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